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1 year ago
Her voice is such a turn off
John 1 year ago
I have that bed. IKEA.
PakiPerv 1 year ago
My mom and I stopped in a hotel that claimed to have king beds but all they had were smaller than queen beds. Their air conditioner went out in the night, and it was a hot summer night. As we were both sweating, Mom suggested we both take off our clothes and be on the bed naked. She said it very casually, so I complied-- because I was dying to see her naked!! Her pussy was shaved and 36C tits were great to look at. Mom noticed my boner and asked if she could touch it. one thing lead to another..
Nothing 1 year ago
"own Mom"
NOT step...
Own mom is the closest human we have to ourselves...we are made of and grown in her...
No other person on earth is THAT to us...
Step is some stranger...
Another dudes woman...
Nothing to do within c'est...
Despi 1 year ago
that's my mom and dad
1 year ago
my cock is Cumming
1 year ago
Whent on vacation me my wife and two sons we stayed in a hotel my wife whent to take a shower so when she came out we hade a suprise for her we was standing there but maked with three hard dicks wating on her she was suprised but she let us fuck here and she loved it best vacation we eaver hade
1 year ago
Not my proudest bean flick
Wetwetwet 1 year ago
This is the broad that sucked everyone off after the superbowl
1 year ago
Tells him shhh ur grandma will hear us the whole damn time she 3 times as loud and 3 times as high pitch as him lol