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cunt lapper 7 years ago
What a great looking pussy, wow and that huge clit, my mouth is watering.
Big T 7 years ago
No one knows this lady?
Name? 7 years ago
Wtf 7 years ago
Too fucked up of a vid for me. Why she take so long with that top? Why they fucking weird? Why her hair so thin and weird? I'm freaked out.
Hart 6 years ago
How yah gonnah keep them down on the farm once they have seen Paree? I'm sure I caught a wiff of cow dung coming from that guys pant pocket. Vive la merde!!
hey you 7 years ago
Yes you Jack, you funny bugger good job love your work. Nice ass ..
Wtf 7 years ago
If I came home and herd that I would run for the hills and never look back
Fuck you all 7 years ago
I think she's amazing !
Anon 7 years ago
LOL 7 years ago
She's faked her orgasm xD