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Ali 5 years ago
Jordy has big dick
bruh 6 years ago
whats on her arm tho?? wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man out this bitch
lol 6 years ago
looks like crack bitch
poor young boy
i think he had better days
Amirudin 5 years ago
Boy is vere cute
Wow 5 years ago
He is sexy and has a huge dick but he fucks some ugly ladies.
Why 3 years ago
Why u guys talking shit that’s some good ass
umm 6 years ago
not my most proud beat
I main Reinhardt 6 years ago
I feel so bad for him lol
wow 6 years ago
it's doug censor martin
Anna 3 years ago
The best is at the end at 37:02 when during Jordy's ejaculation, he has an explosive cum shot that shoots his power semen directly into her left eye, causing her to flinch back. Jordy has a big sexy penis! Love big penises on skinny boys.