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Bro 3 years ago
This man is the porn industries speedy Gonzales
Lena 3 years ago
This is why I love more mature men, they’re not too old and not too young so they know how to satisfy women and let them feel sexy and desirable, even with average or small dicks.

Or it might just be my daddy issue, I don’t know.
SandnigggerDick 3 years ago
That dick was small
hey 3 years ago
aLL cEllPhoNes ArE dOWn
Sir 2 years ago
Micro Penis. But nice Lady
Damn 2 years ago
Them ballz look so funny idk why . P.S im not gay
1 year ago
Lol all yall talking like your dicks any bigger, most real porn I've seen in awhile, santy is the man and she looked like she truly enjoyed it! The industry try's to make you think you have to have huge dick or be cuck, dnt fall for it.
Corona 2 years ago
"RiNg RinG, RiNg RINg"
Mukiibaa 2 years ago
Small but he have technique
Mike 2 years ago
Her name